ABA Blawg 100 for 2013

by Jamison Koehler on November 26, 2013

I was honored to be included again on the ABA Journal’s list of the top 100 law blogs, this time for 2013. The Journal is now taking popular votes to determine the top law blog in each of 13 different categories.

My blog is listed in the Criminal Justice section, and I would greatly appreciate your vote. Although you do have to register, it takes only a moment to do so.  Here is the link.

3 Comments on “ABA Blawg 100 for 2013

  1. J:

    I continue to believe you waste your talents blogging. Apply for correspondent’s position at New Yorker.


  2. Hello Atty Koehler, I stumbled upon your blog almost by accident reading about John Beale. I certainly got a good laugh at the recent comment and that’s the better story in this tale of intrigue.

    I went on to ready more of your blogs, unusal for me. I found your blogs informative and thought-provoking so I read ’em all. I do not practice law and I am not a criminal nor ever plan to be; yet, I did benefit from gaining some insights into the court and justice system. I kept wondering to myself how could a DC attorney have time to write a blog? You might have another calling. I agree with Norm Pattis, you should move on to a bigger arena. Thanks for sharing your insights and Good Luck on your next assignment or next client! k

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