PDS Launches Criminal Law Blog

by Jamison Koehler on September 25, 2013
U.S. Capitol building

The Public Defender Service (PDS) has just begun a blog — the PDS Criminal Law Blog — that reviews recent D.C. Court of Appeals opinions.  With Samia Fam, Nancy Glass, Jackie Frankfurt, and a handful of other public defenders sharing responsibility for the writing, the blog will certainly have some heavy hitters behind it.  The most recent entry covers Vines v. United States, a July 2013 opinion dealing with whether or not two counts of malicious destruction of property merge.  This is yet another example of PDS supporting the legal community in D.C.

2 Comments on “PDS Launches Criminal Law Blog

  1. I’m glad that PDS has a blog, too, yet their creation is designed for lawyers only because it focuses exclusively on the technical side of the law, it seems. By contrast, your blog is helpful and interesting to non-lawyers and lawyers, Jamison, because it covers big concepts like probable cause in addition to nitty-gritty issues pertaining to specific laws and cases in D.C. And often shows the relationship between the two because you’re willing and able to answer requests for credible resources, that a non-lawyer can understand, as you did with my probable cause inquiry.

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