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I’ll Press “Publish”

Jamison KoehlerCriminal Law Bloggers


Many mornings before the start of a trial, I find myself writing a blog entry.  This initially struck me as odd. Shouldn’t I be putting final touches on my opening statement and focusing on the issues I expect to arise at trial?  Then it occurred to me:  In addition to the many other reasons I blog, blogging serves as a valuable source of stress relief.  Preparations are all completed by the morning of trial. Just as a teenager might keep a journal to help cope with the stresses and aggravations of school, blogging enables me to distract myself and to channel my anxieties into a more productive avenue.  As someone once advised me when I was struggling with a term paper at college:  Think about something else and the answer will come to you.

Knowing on the morning of trial that another person has put his life, reputation and livelihood into your hands can be a humbling experience.  You do not always get the results you hope for as a criminal defense attorney.  Putting the finishing touches on a blog entry and pressing the “publish” key gives you the satisfaction of knowing that, in one area at least, you have accomplished something positive for the day.

Trial this morning?  Robbery, felony threats, theft II, and simple assault.  I’m ready to go.  I’ll press “publish.”