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D.C. Welcomes Jackie Cadman

Jamison KoehlerD.C. Superior Court

Mani Golzari told me she was coming to D.C., but I had no idea she was already here until I ran into her yesterday in the basement of Moultrie, heading to her first arraignment.  I was not prepared for her hug because, well, I am an uptight kind of guy.

Jackie Cadman has arrived.

When I introduced Golzari on this blog, I noted that he had been a rising superstar in Philadelphia before moving to D.C. to join the Public Defender Service. Cadman was a couple of years ahead of Golzari and me at the public defender’s office in Philly, and already a superstar.  She will now experience the pleasant surprise that awaited Golzari and me before her:  judges who know the law and who take the bench on time, respectful and professional court staff, and, best of all, elevators that you can get into.

I guess I miss Philly more than I realized.