Erik Prince Meet Susan Burke

by Jamison Koehler on August 19, 2010
U.S. Capitol building


My wife Susan Burke heads to the United Arab Emirates this weekend to depose Blackwater Founder Erik Prince as part of one of her civil lawsuits against him. As reported in yesterday’s New York Times, Susan has brought suit against Prince on behalf of former Blackwater employees accusing Prince of defrauding the government. Susan has already settled seven suits against Prince related to the shooting of innocent Iraqi citizens in Nisour square in 2007.

According to James Risen of the Times, Prince moved to Abu Dhabi “after a series of civil lawsuits, criminal charges and Congressional investigations singled out Blackwater or its former executives and other personnel.”  Now called Xe Services, Blackwater has collected hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. government since 2001. Its employees have become known for “cowboy tactics” and the “use of excessive tactics while guarding convoys of United States diplomats, leading to complaints from Iraqis and friction with the United States military.”

Prince sought to avoid giving a deposition in this case by claiming that he needed to be in Abu Dhabi in time for his children to begin school there on August 15. It is unclear what English-speaking school in the country begins any time before September. But, calling his bluff, Susan offered to travel herself to Abu Dhabi to take the deposition there, and the judge granted the order. As the old expression goes, if you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Mohammed.

13 Comments on “Erik Prince Meet Susan Burke

  1. Booya! All snakes and traitors move to Dubai or some other “unreachable” place. e.g. Halliburton, and perhaps Ken Lay ( you didn’t believe his little story did you?)

  2. i saw 2 disturbing things in the news since our withdrawl from Iraq. In Democracy Now/ Yanar Mohammed interview 8/20 she describes the private security in Iraq will soon double/ Young Men called the Faraq Al-qudera or the “Dirty Gangs” and in the National Iraq Undercover security men are posing as cab drivers /

  3. The family is still in MacLean, as I discovered yesterday when I went out there to leave a “shame on you” letter, and was arrested by Prince’s wife Joanna for trespassing! The kids are all still here as well. So go get the creep.

  4. You are all misinformed and just for the record jealousy is disease that will ROT your soul.

  5. And I hope you ROT in prison for trespassing as all level headed Americans use the United States Post Office to send mail.

  6. To the pro Prince folks, your tax dollars that were stolen by the millions, possibly billions. So you’re OK with it.

    To Ms. Burke, good luck. I guess this lie about moving doesn’t count as perjury.

    To Mr. Prince & family, good luck in Abu Dhabi. The terrorist assassins blend in on you will stand out. If Medea Benjiman can find you here, the odds of hiding over there don’t look too good.

  7. thank you for your efforts… the world would breathe a sigh of relief if you were to get a conviction for prince

  8. Who will play Erik in the movie? Is Brad Pitt already too old? Maybe some former Xe employees can be consultants on the film. How about calling it something along the lines of “Blackwater Dirt”? Is that too corny?

  9. I thought he only got in trouble after his own guys (Scott Helvenston,etc) were killed and strung up a bridge by a mob in Fallujah. But its actually a laundry list of trouble! Go get him, people

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