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Why I Like Surveillance Cameras

Jamison Koehler Evidence, Social Media and Technology

  A proposal to install indoor surveillance cameras at Fairfax County schools in Virginia has created quite a controversy.  With many parents still upset over harsh disciplinary practices in the schools that have led to a couple of suicides, critics of the proposal have expressed concern over any further encroachment on the civil liberties of students.  They see the proposal …

On Prison Tapes: Eavesdropping on Your Client

Jamison Koehler Criminal Procedure, Social Media and Technology

  I am dealing with a “hide-the-ball”-type prosecutor in Virginia. I have gotten spoiled from working with D.C. prosecutors; they are usually pretty upfront about what they have against your client.  There are no ambushes or surprises.  Your client has better information in deciding whether to plea.  Everyone is better off for it. This is not that kind of prosecutor.  …