Hiring the Perfect Employee: Myself

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When my wife and I first started going to what turned out to be our favorite local restaurant in Arlington, there was a waiter there I mistakenly assumed was also the owner. He was friendly and efficient, he… Read More

Total Quality Management and the Practice of Criminal Law

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Nobody talks about Total Quality Management (TQM) anymore. An outdated fad from the 1980’s, and even then applied mostly within the automobile manufacturing industry, it may have questionable applicability to the practice of criminal law. But still I… Read More

A Solo Practitioner as Trapeze Artist

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  Years ago, back when the children were little and we lived in Arlington for the first time, we decided to go to the circus.  I drove over to the baseball field in Ballston earlier in the day,… Read More

On Building a Support Network as a Solo Practitioner

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One of the things I liked best about the Philadelphia public defender’s office – in addition to the camaraderie and sense of shared mission — was the support you got from other lawyers.  If you had a legal… Read More

Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the Attorney-Client Relationship

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Over at My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant muses about finding herself on the other end of the attorney-client relationship; in this case, as one of over 80 defendants in what started out as Rakofsky v. The Washington Post, what… Read More

Rule 1: Get The Money Upfront

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One of the advantages to being a criminal defense attorney, at least one who defends people accused of street crimes as opposed to white collar offenses, is that you get your money upfront. There is the initial negotiation…. Read More

“No One Told You That Solo Practice Was Going To Be Like This”

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Last year, while taking the first steps to launch my own law firm, I spent a lot of time on the ABA listserv for solo practitioners, Solosez. I followed the excited postings of other people who had just… Read More

Signs You Have Been Working Out Of Your Home Office For Too Long

Courtesy of the solo practitioners at the ABA listserv Solosez, here are the top 15 signs that you have been working out of your home office, by yourself, for too long. You look forward to your dentist appointment…. Read More

On Becoming A Solo Criminal Defense Attorney Right Out of Law School

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  A couple of days ago I was contacted by a colleague here in town on a criminal case she had just taken on. My colleague set up her own firm right out of law school, and this… Read More

Six Months Into A Solo Criminal Law Practice

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Mark Bennett and Brian Tannebaum both announced last week that they have been practicing criminal law for 15 years.  While I have nowhere close to this level of experience, I recently celebrated an anniversary of my own. As… Read More