On Police Officers and Other Bullies

Jefferson Memorial

  I am sitting in JM-15 at D.C. Superior Court watching a Georgetown University law student cross-examine a police officer on a drug case. The officer is doing the old “dumb officer” routine; that is, he can’t seem… Read More

The “Collective Knowledge” Doctrine in D.C.

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  The firmly established “collective knowledge” doctrine in D.C. provides that, in determining whether the officers possessed sufficient knowledge to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause for a search or seizure, it is not what any individual officer… Read More

Why Do My Favorite Cops Always Turn Out To Be Crooked?

Jefferson Memorial

I am walking with my kids at the Reading Terminal, an eatery just a couple of blocks from the courthouse in Philadelphia, when we come across a group of narcotics officers sitting in the eating area.  We have… Read More