Telling Your Wife You Have Been Sued For Defamation

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My wife heard a lot of terrible and heart-wrenching stories while interviewing Iraqi victims of the Abu Ghraib torture. She was always completely spent whenever she got back from one of her trips to the Middle East, and… Read More

On the Concept of Estoppel

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  We are having trouble with the sliding door on our mini-van. I take it back to the Toyota dealership shop a couple of times and spend a fortune to get it fixed but there still seems to… Read More

Joyriding With Stanny Bum

Many of the rude words and gestures I know today I learned from driving with my father while growing up. I didn’t learn these things from my father, because I never once heard him utter a bad word…. Read More

Two Poems on Snow

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  Snow I wake, and think so this is how it comes, no thunder, wind, or windstorm’s violence to rend our lower nature, only a presence. Outlines are familiar: light was present yesterday. Without event the miracle is… Read More

On Dentists and Monkeys: Fifty Years On

  This is four or five years ago:  I drive my father to the dentist.  My father has been going to this same dentist for 50 years. The dentist used to clean my teeth. Once, when I was… Read More

Knowledge Comes At Middle Age

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My mother fell on the ice in front of her house and broke her shoulder. She lay in the snow for 15 minutes before the emergency response people arrived. My two sisters who live in the area can… Read More

You Should Be Translating, Not Interpreting

During an earlier life, I was a member of the U.S. delegations that negotiated the international ozone and climate treaties. The negotiations often lasted a couple of weeks, with the opening statements alone — from the 100 nations… Read More

“Everything Believable Between”

I wake up in the same bed I slept in as a boy, in a house Sylvia Plath once likened to a walnut.  If I went back in time to the days I shared the room with my… Read More

“There were days like this, that passed without an image”

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  Every summer for the past 25 years, my wife and I have gone up to Cape Cod to spend a week with my family.  The family used to cram itself into a three or four bedroom house… Read More