From Tide to Tide in Cape Cod

Jefferson Memorial

We have been coming to Cape Cod with my extended family now for 25 years.  We came first as couples. Then we came with children. With the 13 cousins growing up and the rest of us just getting… Read More

On Mid-Life Career Changes: What I Did Before I Became A Lawyer

U.S. Capitol Building

Ten years ago this month, I walked out of the Ronald Reagan Building carrying a single cardboard box. Having just resigned from the federal government, the box contained all I had to show after an 18-year career:  a… Read More

The Ties Will Last You Forever

Aerial view of DC

My wife complains about all the closet space I take up with my neckties. I do have lots of them. You see, I have this theory about ties, a theory that was finally confirmed by the guy who… Read More

“Check Out The Shoes My Lawyer Is Wearing”

Aerial view of DC

I used to buy my suits at Joseph Banks. When I started to put on weight, I switched to Brooks Brothers. Now I have my suits tailor made through J Peditto Apparel. But, until just a couple of… Read More

Wherever We Wish, Hydrangeas Could Be Blooming

U.S. Capitol building

The “Family Tree” people from Belchertown have taken down most of the big trees in my parents’ yard.  My oldest sister – the one who helps my mother with her finances — hired them to do some trimming…. Read More

Ray Koehler on “Fiat Iustitia Ruat Caelum”

American flag

  Guest Entry By Raymond Koehler My initial enthusiasm at being invited to write a piece for my brother’s law blog quickly turned to concern.  I am a Latin teacher, not a lawyer, and although I often find… Read More

“A Military Brat With Daddy Issues”

Susan and Frank

There are people in this world, it turns out, who don’t like my wife.  It is not surprising that, along with the fans, her high-profile public interest and human rights cases have also attracted her share of detractors. … Read More

On Roses, Scam Artists, and Criminal Defense

U.S. Capitol building

  A number of years ago, while on vacation in Miami, my family and I were sitting in a restaurant when a man approached the table and handed my then 15-year-old daughter a paper rose.  Angered by the… Read More

A Wedding in Sarzeau

Jefferson Memorial

The French have always brought out a certain competitiveness in me.  Maybe it’s because I know they view us Americans as crass and cultureless.  It was therefore with some pleasure that I read about the discomfort they felt… Read More

The Blackwater Fraud Trial: Ode to Plaintiff’s Counsel

U.S. Capitol building

  The Blackwater fraud trial begins tomorrow. For the next two weeks or so, my wife and her team will be sequestered within a two-block radius of the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, commuting between their hotel, their… Read More