Woman Doing Good

U.S. Capitol building

During the second week of our empty-nesting, Susan and I take the train up to New York.  She is accepting an award from SELF magazine as a “woman doing good.” I hang out at the hotel drafting a… Read More

Baltimore Won’t Have Me To Kick Around Just Yet

U.S. Capitol building

This whole “transitioning my practice to Baltimore” thing may be more difficult than I had been thinking. I met with my Maryland mentor last week.  It is great that the Maryland Professionalism Center offers this opportunity for people… Read More

It Will Be Our House

Jefferson and Washington monuments

You buy an axe.  The axe consists of two parts, a handle and a blade. After six months, the blade breaks and you replace it with another one. After another six months, the handle breaks and you replace… Read More

My New Study in Charm City

On The Morning Of Trial

American flag

Wayne my investigator is a worrier.  I am too. Wayne is an early riser.  So am I. This means I usually have company early mornings before trial. The two of us sit in our respective home offices on… Read More

I Am Your 4:00 O’Clock Appointment

D.C. skyline

So I walk into the building for a meeting with our new banker in Baltimore, and I notice that everyone seems to be unusually surly towards me. The security guard tells me to take off my hat, and… Read More

My Children Are City Kids

My children are pleasantly surprised when they see the new house and neighborhood. They are city kids at heart. Although a bicycle is stolen from the garage within moments of our arrival, the perpetrators taking advantage of moving… Read More

One Degree of Separation Between Greatness and Me

U.S. Capitol building

Back in the days my children were involved in organized sports, coaches liked to tell the story of how former NBA Superstar Michael Jordan was cut from his 10th grade basketball team. The story tended to come out… Read More

On the Law and Other Miracles

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When I was a boy, we used to sing a German song called “Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen.”  Taught to us by a German friend, we sang it so often, usually in rounds, that I knew all the… Read More

What We Talk About On Our Way To A Crime Scene

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It turns out that Wayne, my investigator, and I both do the laundry in our households. Apparently, neither of us has a wife who understands that you cannot put whites in with the colored clothes, set the dial… Read More