On Roses, Scam Artists, and Criminal Defense

U.S. Capitol building

  A number of years ago, while on vacation in Miami, my family and I were sitting in a restaurant when a man approached the table and handed my then 15-year-old daughter a paper rose.  Angered by the… Read More

Jack Lambert and My Investigator

D.C. skyline

  Wayne, my investigator, thinks he is being subtle. He insists on escorting me out of a bad neighborhood whenever we finish a crime scene investigation, and he doesn’t realize I can see him lingering down the street… Read More

How Criminal Charges Can Jeopardize a Security Clearance

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  Of all the collateral consequences of a criminal arrest or conviction, one of the issues of greatest concern in the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area could be the effect of an arrest or conviction on a person’s security clearance. … Read More

A Wedding in Sarzeau

Jefferson Memorial

The French have always brought out a certain competitiveness in me.  Maybe it’s because I know they view us Americans as crass and cultureless.  It was therefore with some pleasure that I read about the discomfort they felt… Read More

Explaining the Rakofsky Defamation Suit on an Application

Filling out an application can be a painful process for anyone who has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. What specifically is being asked? What is an honest response? And how can I put this response… Read More

If You Can’t Afford a Lawyer, Just Pay the Fine

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Defense strategy of pro se defendant this morning consisted mostly of making faces during the police officer’s testimony.  Note to self:  Not real effective.  Surprisingly enough, the prosecutor still felt the need for argument.

The Blackwater Fraud Trial: Ode to Plaintiff’s Counsel

U.S. Capitol building

  The Blackwater fraud trial begins tomorrow. For the next two weeks or so, my wife and her team will be sequestered within a two-block radius of the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, commuting between their hotel, their… Read More

Drinking Ouzo at the Hotel Coronis

During a couple of summers while in college, I worked as a bartender at a hotel bar in southern Greece. It was not a big place – just a couple of tables and three or four stools at… Read More

Motions to Dismiss in Rakofsky Defamation Case

U.S. Capitol building

Here is the motion to dismiss, filed by my lawyer earlier this week on my behalf, in the Rakofsky defamation case, Joseph Rakofsky v. Washington Post, et al. Also representing Max Kennerly and Mirriam Seddiq in the same… Read More

Anna Quindlen on the Fortune of Today’s Graduates

Jefferson and Washington monuments

  I am a long-time fan of Anna Quindlen.  Here, courtesy of The New York Times, is an excerpt from her recent commencement address at Grinnell College at which she was in typically fine form: Your parents, proudly here… Read More