Jefferson and Washington monuments

A Guilty Plea at D.C. Superior Court

Jamison KoehlerD.C. Superior Court, Juveniles

Guest Post by Emma Brush A visit to Arlington was the occasion for this undeserved opportunity of mine to post.  Originally, my Uncle Jamie had a jury trial scheduled. Knowing that I was considering law school, he thought it would be fun for me to see. Unfortunately, the court date was postponed.  Fortunately, he had a juvenile case that was …

Jefferson and Washington monuments

A “Not Guilty” Letdown

Jamison KoehlerTrial Advocacy

I walk my client out to the street afterward (“You mean I don’t have to sign anything, I can just go?”), disappointed that, since it is late in the day, there is no one still at the courthouse to share the news with. First I get my wife’s voice mail. Then I get my investigator’s. Walking over to the parking …

U.S. Capitol building

Open Letter to an Honest Cop

Jamison KoehlerD.C. Superior Court, Professional Responsibility/Ethics

Dear Officer Parrish: A couple of weeks ago, I cross-examined one of your colleagues from the 3rd District.  The issue at that hearing was similar to the one under consideration today:  Whether or not the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion or probable cause to detain my client. Your colleague decided to strengthen the government’s case against my client by lying.  …

Jefferson Memorial

From Tide to Tide in Cape Cod

Jamison KoehlerMiscellaneous

We have been coming to Cape Cod with my extended family now for 25 years.  We came first as couples. Then we came with children. With the 13 cousins growing up and the rest of us just getting old, it is unclear how many more years we will cross the Sagamore Bridge to make this trip.  Like a game of …

Amusing Trial Transcripts

Jamison KoehlerHumor

Back when I was a public defender, my office mate used to come across me reading transcripts from court hearings I had done – from either a trial or a preliminary hearing – and kid me.  I thought I was being conscientious, working hard to make myself a better lawyer.  He thought I was being vain. Apparently he hadn’t read …

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The Ties Will Last You Forever

Jamison KoehlerMiscellaneous

My wife complains about all the closet space I take up with my neckties. I do have lots of them. You see, I have this theory about ties, a theory that was finally confirmed by the guy who sells me my clothes. If you keep wearing the same tie, the tie will refuse to lie flat after a couple of …