Woman Doing Good

U.S. Capitol building

During the second week of our empty-nesting, Susan and I take the train up to New York.  She is accepting an award from SELF magazine as a “woman doing good.” I hang out at the hotel drafting a… Read More

With The Rush of Adrenaline Came Anger

Jefferson Memorial

I got held up on my way to Union Station today.  Or at least I think I did. I had finished up early at court and was heading over to the station to catch the next MARC train,… Read More

It Will Be Our House

Jefferson and Washington monuments

You buy an axe.  The axe consists of two parts, a handle and a blade. After six months, the blade breaks and you replace it with another one. After another six months, the handle breaks and you replace… Read More

My New Study in Charm City

I Am Your 4:00 O’Clock Appointment

D.C. skyline

So I walk into the building for a meeting with our new banker in Baltimore, and I notice that everyone seems to be unusually surly towards me. The security guard tells me to take off my hat, and… Read More

We Used To Live In The Steinberg House

U.S. Capitol Building

Having sold our house in Virginia, we are now renting it back from the new owners. We will do this until we move to Baltimore in July. No longer an owner of this house, I step out of… Read More

Bob Ford Meets Bob Ford

Jefferson Memorial

When we lived in Philadelphia, I used to read a daily column in the Philadelphia Inquirer written by a sportswriter named Bob Ford. I also played softball every Sunday with a guy named Bob Ford. At first it… Read More

Lamp as Inanimate Object and Other Really Bad Analogies

D.C. skyline

The Washington Post held a contest a couple of years ago in which it asked school teachers to send in examples of the worst analogies they had ever encountered in grading student papers.  Below, with thanks to Ruth… Read More

One Degree of Separation Between Greatness and Me

U.S. Capitol building

Back in the days my children were involved in organized sports, coaches liked to tell the story of how former NBA Superstar Michael Jordan was cut from his 10th grade basketball team. The story tended to come out… Read More

We Should Re-Name D.C.’s Football Team

U.S. Capitol building

During my freshman year at college, there was an older guy at my fraternity everyone used to call “Heeb-heimer.”  That was a play on his real name, which was Hartheimer.  He was Jewish. I used to call him… Read More