Advice To An Incoming 1L: Humble Yourself Before The Law. Surrender.

To my godson Ross, who has just been accepted to Villanova Law for next fall, I offer the following advice on starting law school. There are lots of books out there with handy tips on doing well at… Read More

Second Careers: Law School After 40

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I was 43 years old when I started law school. I’m sure my grades would have been much better had I gone to law school right out of college.  I was pretty intense back in college. I read… Read More

I Hate Latin: Res Ipsa Loquitur

  I only took two years of Latin in High School. It was years before I actually admitted this to my children.  Because I often cited the Latin origins of a word, they assumed I was this great… Read More

On the True Value of a Law Degree

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Over the last year or so, there has been a lot of talk on listservs and in the blawgosphere about the glut of new lawyers coming onto the market, about the expectations of these lawyers in terms of… Read More

The Virginia Bar Exam: How Much Studying Is Enough?

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One of my favorite episodes from the old T.V. show Taxi included the scene in which the Reverend Jim Ignatowski, the character played by Christopher Lloyd, accidentally burns down the apartment of Louie DePalma, the character played by… Read More

Surviving the Virginia Bar Exam: Reflections After Day One

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Norfolk, Va. — Before starting law school, I read a number of books on how to survive your first year.  One book dealt with law school etiquette.  Top among its rules was not to discuss an examination with… Read More