Dorsey v. U.S.: “I Want to Speak to a Lawyer”

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Although you might think that invoking your right to remain silent and invoking your right to a lawyer would have the same legal effect, you would be mistaken.  In fact, if ever forced to choose, you should always… Read More

On Developing a Trial Persona That Works for You

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  One of the first things they told us during training at the public defender’s office in Philadelphia was that, although they could help us develop many of the skills we needed to become successful trial lawyers, they… Read More

Sonia Sotomayor On Being A Lawyer

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Q:  Would you describe yourself as being tough on the bench? A:  Demanding. Q:  You’re demanding. A:  Tough, yes, in the sense that I want lawyers to be prepared.  I think that being a lawyer is one of… Read More

Mindy Daniels, My Reluctant Mentor

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She doesn’t know it yet but Mindy Daniels is going to be my mentor on all things having to do with the D.C. Court of Appeals. One of the first things I do whenever I start out in… Read More

Applying To Take The Maryland Out-of-State Lawyers Bar Exam

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The last time I sat for a bar exam – in Virginia in 2010, after taking the Pennsylvania exam in 2006 – I swore to myself that I would never, ever do it again. Filling out the application… Read More

Why I Prefer D.C.

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Here are 15 reasons I prefer D.C. Superior Court to the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia: There is a cafeteria. There is a lawyer’s lounge. There is a legal library. Women in orange jackets greet you when you… Read More

“No Questions, Your Honor”

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If practice makes perfect, then prosecutors tend to be better at direct examination and defense attorneys at cross. It is a question of what we do the most of. I think of this while watching a prosecutor conduct… Read More

On Getting Your Own Witness Locked Up

  I put our star witness in jail. I have heard about prosecutors being slammed for doing this. One of my adjunct professors in law school – a prosecutor in Philadelphia – ended up on someone’s list of… Read More

Three Years In: Dealing With Potential Clients on the Internet

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I get a lot of strange emails and phone calls from people who find me on the Internet. A woman wrote me the other day looking for help with all sorts of different legal problems – from personal… Read More

Mason v. U.S.: When Is A Prior Consistent Statement Admissible?

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I love appellate cases on evidentiary issues – which the D.C. Court of Appeals seems to be doing a lot lately — because they allow me to take out my handy-dandy McCormick on Evidence guide. According to McCormick, there… Read More