Things Slow Down

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I always have the best intentions after attending a good CLE.  Returning to my office with a binder full of great information, I have every intention of reading through all the materials that were just referenced during the… Read More

Busy, Busy, Busy

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Back when I worked for the federal government, there were some employees who were really, really busy.  You knew this because their offices were a mess.  Their telephones were no longer accepting messages.  They had that harried look. … Read More

Baltimore Won’t Have Me To Kick Around Just Yet

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This whole “transitioning my practice to Baltimore” thing may be more difficult than I had been thinking. I met with my Maryland mentor last week.  It is great that the Maryland Professionalism Center offers this opportunity for people… Read More

Pet Peeves: On Prosecutors and Professionalism

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Whenever you walk into a store, it doesn’t matter how busy the staff may be, the clerk should immediately acknowledge your presence.  Good afternoon, sir, the clerk should say.  I will be right with you. You forgive a… Read More

The Morning After

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I wake up again at 3:00 am but, for the first time in over a week, there is nothing to do but clean up my study.  After four days of trial, the jury took only a couple of… Read More

On The Morning Of Trial

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Wayne my investigator is a worrier.  I am too. Wayne is an early riser.  So am I. This means I usually have company early mornings before trial. The two of us sit in our respective home offices on… Read More

The Big Zee: Knowing When A Case Has Been Lost

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He is a senior prosecutor. He doesn’t hide the ball or over try his cases. He is pleasant and reasonable, and he lets you know exactly where he is coming from – what he can do for you… Read More

Mitchell v. U.S.: Cruelty to Children is a General Intent Offense

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In Pennsylvania, the offense is known as endangering the welfare of a child.  In D.C., it is cruelty to children and, as the D.C. Court of Appeals pointed out recently in Mitchell v. United States, 64 A.3d 154… Read More

Keith Evans on the “Newton Rule”

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  Rule 41 of Keith Evans’ Common Sense Rules of Advocacy is what he calls “Newton’s Rule.” Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, of course, was that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Evans applies this… Read More

James Shellow: Cross-Examining the Analyst in a Drug Prosecution

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There are certain reference materials that are essential to a law practice.  In the case of a criminal defense practice in D.C., for example, you could not get by without the D.C. crimes code, jury instructions, rules of… Read More