Trial Transcript: On the Definition of “Stuporous”

DEFENSE ATTORNEY:  I noticed that you checked the box for “stuporous” on the police report. OFFICER:  Yes sir. Q:  You also used the term on direct. A:  Yes sir. Q:  You obviously thought that this was an important… Read More

The “Collective Knowledge” Doctrine in D.C.

D.C. skyline

  The firmly established “collective knowledge” doctrine in D.C. provides that, in determining whether the officers possessed sufficient knowledge to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause for a search or seizure, it is not what any individual officer… Read More

On Making Life Easier for Police Officers

U.S. Capitol building

Of all the tricks used by police officers, one of the most devious – yet harmless – tricks I have heard is the ploy they use to take a DWI suspect into custody after deciding to make the… Read More