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Resuscitating the Joseph Rakofsky Fiasco

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Last month, in what has to be one of Daniel Snyder’s stupidest moves ever, the Washington Redskins’ owner filed suit against the City Paper for an article that was critical of Snyder and his stewardship of the team.  The filing prompted an avalanche of other new reports and articles rehashing the criticisms contained in the City Paper and questioning Snyder’s …

Blawg Review #296: Images From The Criminal Law Blawgosphere

Jamison Koehler Criminal Law Bloggers

A professional photographer and artist once told me the story about trying to photograph his mother. He had hoped for a candid shot, and was initially resistant when she insisted on fixing her hair and putting on makeup first.  On thinking about it further, he decided that an arranged photograph would say far more about his mother than any spontaneous …