Unnatural Consequences: The Price of a Tweet

U.S. Capitol building

Guest Post by Mary Anne Brush We can all agree that smart kids sometimes do stupid things. Studies show that the teenage brain is not fully developed, which leads to impulsive decision-making. And who doesn’t believe an important… Read More

Trust Begins at Home: A Client’s Tale

Guest Post by Kelly Spencer A few days ago, as my attorney and I approached the courthouse, 10 minutes before my divorce trial was scheduled to begin, he reached out to open the door for me. I paused,… Read More

A Guilty Plea at D.C. Superior Court

Jefferson and Washington monuments

Guest Post by Emma Brush A visit to Arlington was the occasion for this undeserved opportunity of mine to post.  Originally, my Uncle Jamie had a jury trial scheduled. Knowing that I was considering law school, he thought… Read More

Ray Koehler on “Fiat Iustitia Ruat Caelum”

American flag

  Guest Entry By Raymond Koehler My initial enthusiasm at being invited to write a piece for my brother’s law blog quickly turned to concern.  I am a Latin teacher, not a lawyer, and although I often find… Read More

Avoid Tit for Tat When Confronting Expert Witnesses

U.S. Capitol Building

  Guest Post by “Hamilton Burger” Every trial lawyer faces that sharp chill in the middle of the night, when your mind refuses to let go of your upcoming trial — and you realize that your opponent has… Read More