On Making Life Easier for Police Officers

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Of all the tricks used by police officers, one of the most devious – yet harmless – tricks I have heard is the ploy they use to take a DWI suspect into custody after deciding to make the… Read More

The “Oopsie” Phenomenon and Other Problems with Urine Tests

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With the use of breath test machines temporarily suspended in D.C. because of calibration and accuracy problems, people arrested under suspicion of drinking and driving are currently being administered urine tests. Generally considered even less reliable than the… Read More

The “Disappearing Sway” In A DWI/DUI Case

  “Swaying while balancing” is one of four “clues” used by a police officer to detect intoxication during the One-Leg-Stand component of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST).  The police officer would require only one other clue to… Read More

The Xeroxing of Arrest Reports in a DWI/DUI Case

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With two DWI trials coming up, I will be focusing myself, as well as this blog, on the science and law related to this issue.  I am also consulting what I have found to be the best resource… Read More