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The Blood/Breath Partition Ratio in a DWI Case

Jamison Koehler DUI and Driving Offenses

The science behind the Intoxilyzer 5000EN and other breath test machines all sounds very impressive.  The problem is that the machines are based on certain assumptions about the person being tested.  If the assumptions are faulty, so are the results. One of the major assumptions used in breath testing is that there is a correlation of 1 to 2100 between …

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“Every DWI Case Is Defensible”

Jamison Koehler DUI and Driving Offenses

You often hear criminal defense lawyers who are just starting out say that they will initially handle drinking-and-driving offenses, like DWI or DUI, until they get their feet on the ground.  The cases are, they say, straightforward and lucrative. Once they get themselves established, well, then they can move on to more complicated felony cases, like attempted murder, drug distribution, …

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On Becoming Certified to Administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Test

Jamison Koehler DUI and Driving Offenses

There is nothing more gratifying for a criminal defense lawyer than the moment on cross-examination when the prosecution’s key witness begins to sweat.  The witness gets that panicked or confused look in the eye and keeps glancing over at the prosecutor as if for help.  Uh oh, the look says.  This is not going as planned.  Defense counsel knows a …