Drugs: Simple Possession

There are two basic drug offenses in the District of Columbia: (1) drug possession, and (2) drug dealing. Today’s entry will deal with the misdemeanor offense of drug possession. The crime of drug possession requires: (1) knowing or… Read More

Drugs: Judge or Jury Trial

Sometimes, after the pre-trial motions have been litigated and any plea bargaining negotiations have been concluded, a defendant needs to have his or her day in court. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a jury trial for… Read More

Drugs: Admissibility of Statements

Many people assume that if the police did not read the defendant his or her Miranda rights (“You have the right to remain silent,” etc.) during any phase of police investigation, the whole case will be thrown out…. Read More

Drugs: Search Warrants and Pedestrian/Car Stops

One key to successfully defending drug cases is to keep out as much evidence as possible from the prosecution’s case at trial. Trials are basically a struggle between the two sides as to what evidence comes in and… Read More

Penalties: Drug Distribution

The penalty in D.C. for a conviction for drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute depends on the type of drug involved. In earlier posts, I described how the D.C. Code groups controlled substances into five schedules… Read More

Penalties: Simple Possession of Illegal Drugs

The maximum penalty for a first conviction of simple possession in the District of Columbia, regardless of the substance involved, is 180 days of incarceration, with a maximum fine of $1000. The maximum penalty for a second or… Read More

Drug Distribution

The second major drug offense in the District of Columbia is the felony charge of drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute (PWID) – what we generally refer to as “drug dealing.” In order to secure a… Read More