Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the Attorney-Client Relationship

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Over at My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant muses about finding herself on the other end of the attorney-client relationship; in this case, as one of over 80 defendants in what started out as Rakofsky v. The Washington Post, what… Read More

Motions to Dismiss in Rakofsky Defamation Case

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Here is the motion to dismiss, filed by my lawyer earlier this week on my behalf, in the Rakofsky defamation case, Joseph Rakofsky v. Washington Post, et al. Also representing Max Kennerly and Mirriam Seddiq in the same… Read More

Resuscitating the Joseph Rakofsky Fiasco

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Last month, in what has to be one of Daniel Snyder’s stupidest moves ever, the Washington Redskins’ owner filed suit against the City Paper for an article that was critical of Snyder and his stewardship of the team. … Read More

Telling Your Wife You Have Been Sued For Defamation

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My wife heard a lot of terrible and heart-wrenching stories while interviewing Iraqi victims of the Abu Ghraib torture. She was always completely spent whenever she got back from one of her trips to the Middle East, and… Read More

DWI Defense Is Not For Beginners

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You would think that Jeff Gamso, as a criminal defense lawyer focusing on death penalty cases, might look down his nose at lawyers handling drunk driving cases.  After all, the difference in stakes is enormous. You would be… Read More

More on Joseph Rakofsky: The Story Keeps Getting Worse

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“We really didn’t check him out.  He said he was this and could do that.  We thought he was telling the truth.” — Henrietta Watson, grandmother of defendant Dontrell Deaner The blogosphere has been abuzz the past week… Read More

Blawg Review #296: Images From The Criminal Law Blawgosphere

A professional photographer and artist once told me the story about trying to photograph his mother. He had hoped for a candid shot, and was initially resistant when she insisted on fixing her hair and putting on makeup… Read More

On Norm Pattis and “The Happysphere”

  Norm Pattis was in town this weekend, and Mirriam Seddiq and I joined him last night for dinner at Oyamel restaurant.  Seddiq’s brother works as the head bartender there, and he made sure we were treated like… Read More

Why I Hate Norm Pattis

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  I first learned Norm Pattis’ lousy, stinking name through Scott Greenfield, who often uses something Pattis has written as the launching point for one of his own entries.  And Greenfield writes about Pattis in reverential terms you… Read More

On Being Held In Contempt of Court

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  A couple of months ago, Carol D. of Public Defender Revolution told the story about a judge who tried to force her to trial on a case when she wasn’t ready.  This put Ms. D. into a… Read More