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PDS Launches Criminal Law Blog

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The Public Defender Service (PDS) has just begun a blog — the PDS Criminal Law Blog — that reviews recent D.C. Court of Appeals opinions.  With Samia Fam, Nancy Glass, Jackie Frankfurt, and a handful of other public defenders sharing responsibility for the writing, the blog will certainly have some heavy hitters behind it.  The most recent entry covers Vines …

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The ABA Journal’s Most-Voted-For Criminal Justice Blog for 2012

Jamison Koehler Criminal Law Bloggers

This blog again received the most popular votes in the criminal justice category of the ABA Blawg 100. Thank you very much to everyone who nominated and/or voted for it. Here are the blogs that received the most votes in each category: Business of Law: Divorce Discourse Careers/Law Schools: Inside the Law School Scam Corporate: California Corporate & Securities Law …

Joseph Rakofsky’s Former Client Sentenced to 10 Years

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After pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter, Dontrell Deaner has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, to be followed by 5 years of supervised probation. Remember Dontrell Deaner? Just over a year ago, his name was all over the Internet in connection with the Joseph Rakofsky fiasco. Rakofsky was the lawyer, a few years out of law school, who took …

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The ABA Journal’s Most-Voted-For Criminal Justice Blog for 2011

Jamison Koehler Criminal Law Bloggers

  Thank you very much to everyone who voted in the 2011 ABA Journal Blawg 100.  Included among the list of top 100 blogs overall, the Koehler Law Blog received the highest number of popular votes in the “Criminal Justice” category.  As I am a big fan of the other blogs that were included in this category (many of which …

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On Building a Support Network as a Solo Practitioner

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One of the things I liked best about the Philadelphia public defender’s office – in addition to the camaraderie and sense of shared mission — was the support you got from other lawyers.  If you had a legal question or wanted feedback on a possible trial tactic, you could step out into the court hallway or into the office next …

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Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the Attorney-Client Relationship

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Over at My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant muses about finding herself on the other end of the attorney-client relationship; in this case, as one of over 80 defendants in what started out as Rakofsky v. The Washington Post, what one wag dubbed Rakofsky v. The Internet, and, with Rakofsky’s lawyer giving notice to withdraw from the case, what now appears to …

Blawg Review #296: Images From The Criminal Law Blawgosphere

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A professional photographer and artist once told me the story about trying to photograph his mother. He had hoped for a candid shot, and was initially resistant when she insisted on fixing her hair and putting on makeup first.  On thinking about it further, he decided that an arranged photograph would say far more about his mother than any spontaneous …