A Personal Goodbye to Bar Exams

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I passed the Maryland Out-of-State Lawyers’ Bar Exam.  It was not a slam dunk. I probably over-prepared the last time I sat for a bar – that was the full, two-day Virginia bar exam I took in 2010.  So confident was I of passing that exam that I walked out an hour early on the second day for both the …

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The Virginia Bar Exam: How Much Studying Is Enough?

Jamison Koehler Law Practice

One of my favorite episodes from the old T.V. show Taxi included the scene in which the Reverend Jim Ignatowski, the character played by Christopher Lloyd, accidentally burns down the apartment of Louie DePalma, the character played by Danny DeVito.  The Reverend’s father is a millionaire.  When the father finds out that his son has burned down the apartment, he …