Attempted Battery Assault in D.C. is a “Specific Intent” Offense

U.S. Capitol building

In law school and in preparing for the Bar Exam, we were taught the distinction between general intent and specific intent crimes. If it is a general intent offense, the government must prove only that the defendant intended… Read More

Congressman Etheridge and Simple Assault in D.C.

D.C. skyline

  While the YouTube video is now posted all over the Internet, I first found out about Congressman Etheridge’s altercation with two students when checking out my website stats through Google Analytics.  I found that visits to the… Read More

Self-Defense in a D.C. Assault Case

U.S. Capitol Building

Self-defense is an affirmative defense to simple assault and other assault charges in D.C. Self-defense is the use of force to protect oneself, one’s family or one’s property from a real or threatened attack.  It is an affirmative… Read More