Week 11: CLB Fantasy Football League Standings

After losing his first three games, Matt Brown of Chandler Criminal Defense has set a league record of eight straight wins. Liberty & Justice for Y’all and Koehler Law have both clinched playoff spots.  Michael Bruckheim of Brucklaw… Read More

Speaking of the Washington Redskins . . .

I have sometimes been told that I bear a passing resemblance to Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, particularly when I am wearing glasses.  I don’t know how Snyder would feel about the comparison; I myself am not flattered…. Read More

On The Albert Haynesworth School of Fibbing

Like many first graders and people testifying in court, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth apparently believes that if one lie is effective in convincing people of something, two lies will be even better. Haynesworth was captured last… Read More

CLB Fantasy Football Standings After Week 10

Division 1 (Win-Loss, Points) Koehler Law, 8-2, 1260 Liberty & Justice for Y’all, 8-2, 1164 A Public Defender, 7-3, 1008 Chandler Criminal Defense, 7-3, 1005 Gamso – For The Defense, 7-3, 824 Law and Baseball, 4-6, 943 Mark… Read More

Liberty & Justice for Y’all Claims Lead in CLB Fantasy Football

B.W. Barnett of Liberty & Justice for Y’all took first place in week 8 of the Criminal Law Blogger Fantasy Football League by beating Carolyn Elefant of MyShingle with 131 points.  He is followed by Jeff Gamso for… Read More

CLB Fantasy Football Standings After Week 7

Division 1 (Win-Loss, Points) Koehler Law, 6-1, 883 Liberty & Justice for Y’all, 6-1, 811 Gamso – For The Defense, 6-1, 603 A Public Defender, 4-3, 730 Chandler Criminal Defense, 4-3, 693 Law and Baseball, 3-4, 703 Mark… Read More

Week 6 Standings for CLB Fantasy Football League

Division 1 (Win-Loss, Points) Koehler Law (5-1, 724) Liberty and Justice for Y’all (5-1, 715) Gamso – For The Defense (5-1, 493) A Public Defender (4-2, 656) Law and Baseball (3-3, 644) Mark Tanney (3-3, 608) Chandler Criminal… Read More

“Gamso For The Offense” Finally Loses

Jeff Gamso, the man who claimed to know nothing about football but who came into this weekend as the only undefeated player in the Criminal Law Blogger Fantasy Football League, finally lost a game. Gamso’s loss to Chandler… Read More

“Law and Baseball” Extends Lead Into Week 3

Congratulations to Johnny Gardner of Law and Baseball who extended his lead into week 3 of the criminal law blogger fantasy football league by defeating Nicole Black of Sui Generis, 102-69.  Gardner remains undefeated.  Gardner also has the… Read More

“Law and Baseball” Apparently Knows Football

Congratulations to Johnny Gardner of Law and Baseball who wrested first place from Sui Generis in week 2 of the criminal law blog fantasy football league. Gardner scored a league record 169 points in defeating Mark Tanney for… Read More