On Blogrolls and Egotism

Over at People v. State, John Kindley announces that, as part of his “intermittent quest for minimalism,” he has eliminated the blogroll and links page on his blog.  In its stead, he has inserted a drop-down menu in… Read More

Good Samaritans — Not! — Captured on Video

It’s rare that we get a video this good, the prosecutor tells me as he hands me the DVD.  Usually with the metro cameras, he says, they are on the other side of the platform and you can… Read More

On Building a Support Network as a Solo Practitioner

One of the things I liked best about the Philadelphia public defender’s office – in addition to the camaraderie and sense of shared mission — was the support you got from other lawyers.  If you had a legal… Read More

Why I Like Surveillance Cameras

A proposal to install indoor surveillance cameras at Fairfax County schools in Virginia has created quite a controversy.  With many parents still upset over harsh disciplinary practices in the schools that have led to a couple of suicides,… Read More

On Prison Tapes: Eavesdropping on Your Client

I am dealing with a “hide-the-ball”-type prosecutor in Virginia. I have gotten spoiled from working with D.C. prosecutors; they are usually pretty upfront about what they have against your client.  There are no ambushes or surprises.  Your client… Read More

Overheard on Twitter #4

@Popehat Trying my best to convey to judge that I respect this court just as if it were a real court. Al-Qaeda demands that U.S. improve infrastructure so it is worth attacking. Apparently some people think I shouldn’t… Read More

Technical Problems and Apologies

This whole Internet/social media thing can be a bother.   A while back, I had someone impersonating me on Twitter, posting all sorts of inane things under my name, photograph, and biographical information.  I have recently been experiencing problems… Read More

Brian Tannebaum: On the Ethics of On-Line Marketing

From My Law License:  The video speaks for itself.   ROI 2011: Brian Tannebaum – Ethics and Online Marketing from Radius of Influence on Vimeo.

Update on “Facebook Burglar” and Other Stories

You can always come here for the exclusive story.  And there is no one more adept at re-packaging stale news stories from other sources than I. Last December I was one of only 150 news outlets/bloggers to cover… Read More

Overheard on Twitter

@gideonstrumpet Went outside to find white paper bags with candles lining both sides of my street.  Called homeland security.  Landing strip for Al-Qaeda? @mattkaiser Overheard at Superior Court – Attorney:  When was the last time you used drugs? … Read More