Why Prosecutors Love Social Media

This, from Prosecutor’s Discretion, says it much more persuasively than I ever could: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (anyone use that anymore?), google+.  I’m on record by saying I love them all. People need to brag about their crimes and what better… Read More

The Questions People Ask To Access My Site

Although I check Google Analytics almost daily for my website traffic numbers, I will occasionally also check to see which search terms people used to access my site. There were three questions I thought were noteworthy from this… Read More

Cue the Radiotape

I am a middle-aged man with some life experience. I have been doing criminal defense for a while now. Just yesterday I posted how many police officers “editorialize” when testifying. Still, I continue to be surprised – each… Read More

Groundhog Day at the CVS

It is a snippet of life from a CVS store in the District, viewed again and again through 15 different surveillance cameras. There is a 5-minute view from one camera – say, for example, at the entrance of… Read More

Internet Sites For Keeping Score

“Keep the score between us Earth,” my favorite poet once wrote, “because it matters.” It does matter.  And anybody who knows me at all knows that I am always keeping score. Fortunately, for those of us who crave… Read More

Untagging Old Photographs on Facebook

Recent converts are the worst. Having just discovered Facebook, one of my sisters keeps posting old photographs. She also tags them. This means I have to keep checking Facebook, taking my name off pictures just as quickly as… Read More

Bryce Harper and Other Celebrities on Twitter

Bryce Harper, star outfielder for the Washington Nationals, has suspended his Twitter account.  No longer will the rest of us be privy to his comings and goings (“Morning Twitter!  On my way to the field!  Hope you all… Read More

Greenfield v. O’Keefe: Two Views on Social Media, Marketing, and Lawyers

H/T to Jordan Rushie.

On Commies, Pinkos, Fags and Happyspherers

Mark Bennett coined the term “Happysphere” a while back, and it has now become a phrase that you need to throw into a blog entry every once in a while to show that you are a member of… Read More

Toward a “Flawging Quotient”: Justifications of a Self-Professed Flawger

There was an extended discussion over at Simple Justice recently about “flawging,” a phrase used, as I understand it, to describe blogs that are intended primarily as marketing tools for their authors. Antonin Pribetic, the blogger who coined… Read More