On Ethical Issues Raised by “Letter Lawyers”

Mark Bennett refers to them as “letter lawyers”; they are the lawyers who, with the hopes of securing new clients, send out advertising materials to the people whose names and addresses have been listed on public arrest records…. Read More

On Criminal Defense Lawyers Who “Know Lots of People”

I am standing outside Judge Pan’s courtroom on the second floor of D.C. Superior Court with a man who has just been arraigned for felony assault.  Although he has been assigned a court-appointed attorney, he would like to… Read More

On Zealous Representation and Public Defenders

I will remember this.  This is what the prosecutor promises you. In another context, she could be intending this as a threat.  As in:  I will get you back for this.  In this case, she is trying to… Read More

Til Death Do Us Part: On a Lawyer’s Duty of Confidentiality

One of the things I like to tell clients is that my duty to them of confidentiality lasts not until they die, but until I die. I know this statement is a tad precious, and I have to… Read More

Brian Tannebaum: On the Ethics of On-Line Marketing

From My Law License:  The video speaks for itself.   ROI 2011: Brian Tannebaum – Ethics and Online Marketing from Radius of Influence on Vimeo.

Jeff Gamso on the Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

I have written before about the apparently never-ending discussion on the ABA listserv Solosez about the proper role for a criminal defense attorney.  In responding to the latest thread, Jeff Gamso put it about as well as I… Read More

Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the Attorney-Client Relationship

Over at My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant muses about finding herself on the other end of the attorney-client relationship; in this case, as one of over 80 defendants in what started out as Rakofsky v. The Washington Post, what… Read More

More on Joseph Rakofsky: The Story Keeps Getting Worse

“We really didn’t check him out.  He said he was this and could do that.  We thought he was telling the truth.” — Henrietta Watson, grandmother of defendant Dontrell Deaner The blogosphere has been abuzz the past week… Read More

On “High Volume” Criminal Defense Practices

Matt Brown discussed “high volume” criminal law practices in an interesting piece he did last week at Chandler Criminal Defense in which he talked about the difference between two experienced criminal defense attorneys in his jurisdiction.  According to… Read More

On The Ethics of Blogging About A Client

I don’t own my cases, and they aren’t mine to write about.  They belong to my clients, and my clients don’t want the worst experience of their lives strewn across the internet.  I respect that, so I don’t… Read More