Contempt of Court: Juror Skips Out on D.C. Murder Trial

Back before I went to law school, back before I was a trial lawyer who would die to serve on a jury in a criminal case so that I could experience first-hand the internal deliberations of a jury,… Read More

On Secret Shopper and Other Internet Scams

Last summer my daughter was looking for a summer job in Boston when she came across an offer on the Internet that seemed too good to be true.  Fortunately, my daughter knew enough to call me before she… Read More

Felony-Murder and the Case of Annie Le

A loyal reader (okay, it’s my brother-in-law George) has asked me to explain the difference between murder and felony-murder.  George learned of the distinction while reading about yesterday’s not guilty plea in the Yale graduate student murder case. … Read More

Stalking in Washington, D.C.

“Stalking” is defined generally as the following of another person by stealth.  Alternatively, it can be the following or loitering near the other person, often surreptitiously, with the purpose of annoying or harassing him or her. This past… Read More

“Escaping” from Washington, D.C.

When you hear of someone escaping from prison, you might think of Steve McQueen breaking out of the Nazi prisoner-of-war camp during World War II or Clint Eastwood escaping from Alcatraz.  Or, if you’re younger, you might think… Read More

Pardon Me, Mr. President?

President Clinton made a lot of people unhappy back in 2001 when, during the very last days of his presidency, he granted a presidential pardon to fugitive financier Marc Rich.  Rich had been indicted for evading $48 million… Read More