Cold Feet on the Morning of Trial

It must be pretty intimidating to arrive at the courthouse for trial to find five police officers, an eyewitness, and a complaining witness all sitting in the hallway, laughing and joking with each other and then growing silent… Read More

Kate Hamilton: Fictional Public Defender in Washington State

After a 15-month hiatus from blogging over at Public Defender Revolution, Carol D has posted the first 29 chapters of an unpublished novel about a public defender practicing in Washington State. Reprinted below with the author’s permission is… Read More

The Ties Will Last You Forever

My wife complains about all the closet space I take up with my neckties. I do have lots of them. You see, I have this theory about ties, a theory that was finally confirmed by the guy who… Read More

Wherever We Wish, Hydrangeas Could Be Blooming

The “Family Tree” people from Belchertown have taken down most of the big trees in my parents’ yard.  My oldest sister – the one who helps my mother with her finances — hired them to do some trimming…. Read More

Real Gangsters

H/T Ruth Hamburger

Commas, Saving Lives

                    H/T Appellate Record

A Christmas Poem: “Star”

Silence is what one knows about a star a far-off shining where no others are sufficient revelation though it mean no more than of the darkness to be seen. (c) G. Stanley Koehler  

I Hate Latin: Res Ipsa Loquitur

I only took two years of Latin in High School. It was years before I actually admitted this to my children.  Because I often cited the Latin origins of a word, they assumed I was this great Latin… Read More

On Roses, Scam Artists, and Criminal Defense

A number of years ago, while on vacation in Miami, my family and I were sitting in a restaurant when a man approached the table and handed my then 15-year-old daughter a paper rose.  Angered by the intrusion,… Read More


My smart, lively and beautiful niece Meg posted a Facebook tribute to her grandfather today on the first anniversary of his death. And she did it with a brevity my father would very much have admired:  “GSK.” Another… Read More