Preparing for the Virginia Bar Examination

In 24 days I will be sitting down to take another bar, this time in Virginia.  The idea, which seemed like a pretty good idea when I came up with it last fall, is that I will be… Read More

The “Jury Trial Tax”: The Penalty for Insisting on a Jury Trial

It is a sad but well-known fact among criminal defense lawyers in many jurisdictions that if you insist on a jury trial and lose, you will get a stiffer penalty than if you lose the same case in… Read More

Telling the Truth on the Witness Stand

I’ve complained about “thin-skinned prosecutors,” lying cops, and “too clever by half” prosecution witnesses.  In fairness, I should say that I have also had experience with either clients or friends and family members ready to testify for the… Read More

The Challenges Of Being A Solo Practitioner

I was sorry to learn this morning that one of my favorite legal bloggers – Michael McLees of Fast Texas Divorce – has decided to discontinue his blog. Writes McLees on a recent entry:  “I’m just not sure… Read More

The Thin-Skinned Prosecutor

I’ve noticed some complaining recently on other criminal defense blogs about junior prosecutors.  These prosecutors, so the complaints go, tend to be more inflexible than their more senior colleagues when it comes to plea bargaining.   In addition, they… Read More

Listening to the Witness on Cross-Examination

This guy has his eye put out in an accident.  He can’t afford a glass eye, so the eye doctor puts in a fake eye made of wood instead. The guy is very self-conscious about his wood eye,… Read More

The “Too Clever By Half” Prosecution Witness

One of my favorites targets for cross-examination is the prosecution witness with an axe to grind.  While you need to be vigilant as a criminal defense attorney facing this type of witness, particularly if you are in front… Read More

The “No-Lose” Question on Cross-Examination

Criminal defense attorneys spend a lot of time before trial trying to anticipate the testimony of witnesses who will be called by the prosecution to testify. A familiar piece of advice, one that has worked its way into… Read More

Use of Billboards to Advertise a Law Practice

In the movie “I Love You, Man,” Paul Rudd plays a bland, well-meaning real estate broker named Peter Klaven who, among other things, can’t seem to get his business off the ground.  A friend tricks him into putting… Read More

The Koehler Law Logo

There are many things you need to do when setting up your own law firm, from securing business licenses, malpractice insurance and bank accounts to buying furniture, legal research materials, and computer software and equipment.  Of all the… Read More