Solo Criminal Law Practice: The Downside

A couple of days ago, I crowed about the advantages of being a privately retained lawyer, as opposed to public defender. In fairness, I should note that private practice as a solo practitioner also has its downsides. Yes,… Read More

Five Advantages To Being A Paid Lawyer

Now that I have moved back to D.C. and opened my own criminal defense law firm, former colleagues at the Defender Association of Philadelphia have asked me how I enjoy private practice.  For them and for other public… Read More

The Virginia Bar Exam: How Much Studying Is Enough?

One of my favorite episodes from the old T.V. show Taxi included the scene in which the Reverend Jim Ignatowski, the character played by Christopher Lloyd, accidentally burns down the apartment of Louie DePalma, the character played by… Read More

Surviving the Virginia Bar Exam: Reflections After Day One

Norfolk, Va. — Before starting law school, I read a number of books on how to survive your first year.  One book dealt with law school etiquette.  Top among its rules was not to discuss an examination with… Read More

On Rushed and Ill-Considered Guilty Pleas

Last summer, my 19-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to come see me in court.  I had just given notice of my intention to resign from the Defender Association of Philadelphia effective at the end of the month,… Read More

A Public Defender with a Sense of Humor

A couple of weeks ago, I complained about the lack of criminal law blogs done by women.  I also bemoaned the fact that, with a few exceptions, there do not seem to be many public defender blogs that… Read More

On Legal Marketing and Blogging: A Newbie Offers His Perspective

When I moved down from Philadephia to D.C. and opened my own criminal defense law practice, I decided to find out what some of the criminal defense lawyers I respected in Philadelphia did with respect to marketing.  So… Read More

Hamilton Burger on the “Jury Trial Tax”

A good friend of mine, a former prosecutor in Massachusetts and Virginia, has criticized my blog for its defense-centric viewpoint.   The actual words he used, if I recall correctly, were “criminal apologisms.” Since I will be need to… Read More

Effective Assistance of Counsel and David Feige

Lawyers are trained to watch the judge for cues during trial.  There are subtle cues.  And then there are the not-so-subtle cues. There was a preliminary hearing judge in Philadelphia who was famous for playing golf every day… Read More

Philadelphia: Where the One-Eyed Man is King

My wife does not read this blog.  I understand.  She’s busy.  Friends or family will tell her they enjoyed something they read on the blog and she will smile and thank them, but she really has no clue… Read More