On the Effectiveness of Public Defenders, Court-Appointed Lawyers, and Privately Retained Counsel

  Clients often don’t seem to understand the difference between public defenders, court-appointed lawyers, and privately retained counsel.  Who is your current lawyer, you ask the potential  client.  I don’t know, he says.  I think he is a… Read More

Koehler Law Extends Criminal Practice Into Northern Virginia

I woke up this morning to find out that I passed the February 2010 bar for Virginia.  Thank you to the readers here who first alerted me. Congratulations to those of you who said you also passed. I… Read More

The Defendant Has Left The Building

Whenever a judge dismisses a case for lack of prosecution, the best advice to a client is not to stand there celebrating.  It is to get out of the courtroom and out of the courthouse as quickly as… Read More

On Being Held In Contempt of Court

A couple of months ago, Carol D. of Public Defender Revolution told the story about a judge who tried to force her to trial on a case when she wasn’t ready.  This put Ms. D. into a very… Read More

On the Dearth of Female Criminal Defense Attorneys in D.C.

Mirriam Seddiq posted a humorous piece yesterday in which she bemoaned the lack of female criminal defense attorneys in the D.C./Virginia/Maryland area. She took an informal poll on the ABA listserv for solo and small firm practitioners and discovered… Read More

On Firing A Client

There is always a lot of discussion over at the ABA listserv Solosez about client relations.  People talk about the need to sometimes fire a client, which, from what people say, almost seems like a rite of passage… Read More

The Voice of a Law Office

A couple of weeks ago, I changed the message on my office voice mail.  My 19-year-old daughter had done the original recording, but, after listening to it back, we both agreed that her voice sounded too girlish. So,… Read More

On Meeting Mark Bennett of Defending People

In talking with another lawyer during my training in Houston, the other lawyer was surprised that I could know so much about the author of D.A. Confidential without being aware that he speaks with a British accent. That’s… Read More

On Mark Pryor and Prosecutorial (Mis)Conduct

With many blogs discussing the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Padilla v. Kentucky, Mark Pryor of D.A. Confidential devoted a recent entry to an ethical dilemma he often faces in prosecuting defendants with immigration problems.  Does he treat… Read More

On Dealing With Office Organization and Stress

Now that my daughter is away at college and living in a tiny dorm room, she complains that the room she had at home was too big.  Her room at home was so big, she says, she could… Read More