Solo Criminal Law Practice: The Downside

A couple of days ago, I crowed about the advantages of being a privately retained lawyer, as opposed to public defender. In fairness, I should note that private practice as a solo practitioner also has its downsides. Yes,… Read More

Five Advantages To Being A Paid Lawyer

Now that I have moved back to D.C. and opened my own criminal defense law firm, former colleagues at the Defender Association of Philadelphia have asked me how I enjoy private practice.  For them and for other public… Read More

Finding The Right Name For A Criminal Law Blog

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On Legal Marketing and Blogging: A Newbie Offers His Perspective

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On Ghostblogging, West Berlin, and the Internet

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The Controversial World of Avvo

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The Challenges Of Being A Solo Practitioner

I was sorry to learn this morning that one of my favorite legal bloggers – Michael McLees of Fast Texas Divorce – has decided to discontinue his blog. Writes McLees on a recent entry:  “I’m just not sure… Read More

A Neophyte Deals with Search Engine Optimization

Ever since I set up this website a couple of months ago, I have had many offers – for a fee, of course – to improve the site’s ranking on Google.  I have always been a neophyte when… Read More

Use of Billboards to Advertise a Law Practice

In the movie “I Love You, Man,” Paul Rudd plays a bland, well-meaning real estate broker named Peter Klaven who, among other things, can’t seem to get his business off the ground.  A friend tricks him into putting… Read More

Koehler Law Featured on MyShingle.Com

Koehler Law is currently being featured on MyShingle.Com, which is a leading blog for solo legal practitioners and small law firms.  Run by the grande dame – or dean — of solo practitioners, Carolyn Elefant, MyShingle.Com has up to… Read More