On Blog Addiction and Twitter

I get up most mornings at around 5:00 am and, shutting the door so that I don’t disturb my still-sleeping wife, step into my study off the master bedroom.  I have an hour until the gym opens, three… Read More

On Blonde Justice and Blogrolls

Six months or so ago, I would have hardly known what a blogroll is. Today I am very honored to have been added to what must be one of the most coveted blogrolls in the criminal law blogosphere;… Read More

On Free Consultations

In an entry today called “Don’t Blame Clients For What Lawyers Do,” Scott Greenfield writes of the “huge rift” within the legal profession “between those desperately seeking business and those desperately seeking to provide clients with excellent representation.” … Read More

The Voice of a Law Office

A couple of weeks ago, I changed the message on my office voice mail.  My 19-year-old daughter had done the original recording, but, after listening to it back, we both agreed that her voice sounded too girlish. So,… Read More

On Meeting Mark Bennett of Defending People

In talking with another lawyer during my training in Houston, the other lawyer was surprised that I could know so much about the author of D.A. Confidential without being aware that he speaks with a British accent. That’s… Read More

Disenchanted with Avvo

My niece attended her first baseball game when she was four or five years old. After the first inning or so, she announced that she was done with baseball. I am done with Avvo. As reflected on the ABA… Read More

On Status Symbols and Client Relations

A couple of the lawyers who came to play poker at my house last week have “virtual offices” in D.C., and we were talking about whether clients care about the quality of our office space. Two of the… Read More

On Mirriam Seddiq and the “Not Guilty No Way” Blog

There are two fairly new criminal law blogs that have recently been given a lot of attention in the blawgosphere: Liberty and Justice for Y’All and Affirmative Links. In both cases the attention is deserved. Each blog is… Read More

My Career as a County Prosecutor

Unlike many of my colleagues in the criminal defense bar, I would have no moral qualms about working for the prosecution. In fact, during the summer after my first year at law school, I interned at the U.S…. Read More

Solo Criminal Law Practice: The Downside

A couple of days ago, I crowed about the advantages of being a privately retained lawyer, as opposed to public defender. In fairness, I should note that private practice as a solo practitioner also has its downsides. Yes,… Read More