“Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Video

Courtesy of Jeff Adachi and the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, here is a public service video entitled “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”

On Attempting to Measure “Success” on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, somebody appropriated my name, photograph and biographical information for over a month to tweet some of the most inane things you have ever seen on Twitter.  (And that is saying a lot.)  Although… Read More

On Norm Pattis and “The Happysphere”

Norm Pattis was in town this weekend, and Mirriam Seddiq and I joined him last night for dinner at Oyamel restaurant.  Seddiq’s brother works as the head bartender there, and he made sure we were treated like royalty…. Read More

Ode to Colin Samuels’ Mother

Back in the days when I tried to write fiction, my greatest aspiration was to get a short story into the Best American or O’Henry anthologies of best short stories for the year. Alas, I was never successful…. Read More

On The Ethics of Blogging About A Client

I don’t own my cases, and they aren’t mine to write about.  They belong to my clients, and my clients don’t want the worst experience of their lives strewn across the internet.  I respect that, so I don’t… Read More

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly On The Internet

A couple of days ago, my friend and colleague Mirriam Seddiq posted a very flattering piece on me on the Not Guilty blog.  Thank you, Mirriam. This is one of the many good things that have come about… Read More

On Jon Katz, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Fantasy Football

Last week I had the pleasure of getting together for lunch with fellow D.C.-area lawyers/bloggers Mirriam Seddiq and Jon Katz. Regular readers of this blog know Seddiq very well, but may not know that Katz authors one of… Read More

Six Months Into A Solo Criminal Law Practice

Mark Bennett and Brian Tannebaum both announced last week that they have been practicing criminal law for 15 years.  While I have nowhere close to this level of experience, I recently celebrated an anniversary of my own. As… Read More

Starting Your Own Law Practice is a Leap of Faith

In another lifetime, I wrote short stories. Five or six of these stories eventually found their way into obscure literary journals, with one or two still floating around somewhere on the Internet.  The largest circulation of any of… Read More

A Noobie on Twitter

Yesterday I posted about my ambivalence on joining Twitter.  Today I joined. Mark Bennett was the first person to welcome me.  Scott Greenfield was the second, and, true to form, his welcome consisted mostly of an admonition about… Read More