When Your Business Card Is More Memorable Than You Are

I am pretty good with faces and with names.  I have always been impressed — almost flattered — by people who remembered my name after a single meeting, and at one point early in my career, I decided… Read More

More on Joseph Rakofsky: The Story Keeps Getting Worse

“We really didn’t check him out.  He said he was this and could do that.  We thought he was telling the truth.” — Henrietta Watson, grandmother of defendant Dontrell Deaner The blogosphere has been abuzz the past week… Read More

On Sticker Shock and Legal Fees

A friend of mine walked into a store intending to buy a bottle of perfume for his girlfriend. While he knew that the particular type of perfume he was intending to buy was expensive, he had no idea… Read More

On The Facebook Burglar and Other Judgmentally-Challenged Individuals

Two stories in today’s Washington Post illustrate the growing role of Facebook in facilitating the prosecution of criminal offenses in the D.C. area. In the first, the Post describes how a 25-year-old Arlington man was arrested after threatening… Read More

On Networking, Referrals, and Friendships

In a couple of hours, I am going to put aside the motion to suppress I have been working on.  I will shower and shave, and put on a jacket and a tie.  I will leave the comfort… Read More

On The Man I Love To Hate And Twitter

I admit it:  I am a closet reader of Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice. A couple of months or so ago, I interpreted a couple of things Greenfield posted both here and on his own blog as unfairly critical… Read More

On-Line Reputations and Bloggers Who Spam

Bloggers get all sorts of spam. Sometimes spammers use a compliment to get you to approve their comment:  “Terrific work!” someone tried to post on my site yesterday.  “This is the type of information that should be shared… Read More

What Lawyers Put In Their Biographies; What Clients Actually Look For

Courtesy of Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour:

On the Traffic And Quality of a Website

Talking about website traffic numbers is almost like talking about how much money you make. People can volunteer the information if they wish, but you normally don’t ask during the course of polite conversation. If your numbers are… Read More

On Becoming A Solo Criminal Defense Attorney Right Out of Law School

A couple of days ago I was contacted by a colleague here in town on a criminal case she had just taken on. My colleague set up her own firm right out of law school, and this is… Read More