On The Terminology and Fiction of Juvenile Justice

As a public defender in Philadelphia, I did a brief stint in the Juvenile Division representing young people accused of committing a crime. People told me before I started the rotation that I would either love working with… Read More

Juvenile Court Forever

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You watch him go.  You realize that, from his perspective, the future is nothing more than a quick visit with the judge, a bologna sandwich and coke for lunch, and then a trip back to the detention center to gather his things.  So yes, you think again, this time with more certainty, it will be for forever.

Overcrowding at D.C. Juvenile Detention Center

The Washington Post reported this morning on extensive overcrowding at Washington, D.C.’s youth detention center on Mount Olivet Road.  According to the Post, as many as 156 juveniles have been crammed into a facility designed to house no… Read More