“The Streetwalking Lawyers of Aurora Avenue”

Continuing with the theme of unemployed lawyers and with a H/T to Scott Greenfield:

Overheard on Twitter

@mattbrownaz Capital defendant has murder tattooed on his neck.  Bet he regrets that decision right about now. @kakapojayne I can’t understand why Pastor Terry Jones wants to burn a copy of the Koran when there are so many… Read More

What A Prosecutor Says Versus What A Defense Lawyer Hears

Unless DA Confidential is working on yet another, this should be the final Venn Diagram, this one illustrating the disconnect between what a prosecutor says and what a defense lawyer hears during negotiations of a plea bargain.  Again,… Read More

What Lawyers Tell Witnesses; What Witnesses Hear

DA Confidential, my favorite prosecutor, saw the Venn diagram I posted here last week and came up with his own diagram, this one showing the overlap between what lawyers tell their witnesses and what witnesses hear. It is… Read More

Signs You Have Been Working Out Of Your Home Office For Too Long

Courtesy of the solo practitioners at the ABA listserv Solosez, here are the top 15 signs that you have been working out of your home office, by yourself, for too long. You look forward to your dentist appointment…. Read More

What Lawyers Put In Their Biographies; What Clients Actually Look For

Courtesy of Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour:

The Potential Client From Hell

There is a male voice on the other end when I answer the phone.  “I’m looking for a lawyer,” he says. He sounds pleasant. “Fine,” I say.  “How can I help you?” “First of all,” he says.  “I’d… Read More

Ode to Colin Samuels’ Mother

Back in the days when I tried to write fiction, my greatest aspiration was to get a short story into the Best American or O’Henry anthologies of best short stories for the year. Alas, I was never successful…. Read More

“Uh oh!”: Swearing-In Ceremony for the Virginia Bar

I was sworn into the Virginia Bar on Monday in Richmond.  I drove down with my friend and colleague Chris Guest, and also ran into Kathryn Pearlman and Tevenia Jacobs while there.  It was an impressive ceremony presided… Read More