What Lawyers Put In Their Biographies; What Clients Actually Look For

Courtesy of Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour:

The Potential Client From Hell

There is a male voice on the other end when I answer the phone.  “I’m looking for a lawyer,” he says. He sounds pleasant. “Fine,” I say.  “How can I help you?” “First of all,” he says.  “I’d… Read More

Ode to Colin Samuels’ Mother

Back in the days when I tried to write fiction, my greatest aspiration was to get a short story into the Best American or O’Henry anthologies of best short stories for the year. Alas, I was never successful…. Read More

“Uh oh!”: Swearing-In Ceremony for the Virginia Bar

I was sworn into the Virginia Bar on Monday in Richmond.  I drove down with my friend and colleague Chris Guest, and also ran into Kathryn Pearlman and Tevenia Jacobs while there.  It was an impressive ceremony presided… Read More