Osama Bin Ladin on “Family Guy”

According to the Washington Post, the White House yesterday released five videos of Osama Bin Ladin that were seized at his compound on the day he was killed.  Here is a sixth video that was not released.  

On the District’s “Newfound Cachet”

According to today’s Washington Post, the nation’s capitol has become an increasingly hip place to live over the last couple of years.  The Post points in particular to the “international tone of the city, the robust legal scene… Read More

On the Concept of Estoppel

We are having trouble with the sliding door on our mini-van. I take it back to the Toyota dealership shop a couple of times and spend a fortune to get it fixed but there still seems to be… Read More

Overheard on Twitter

@gideonstrumpet Went outside to find white paper bags with candles lining both sides of my street.  Called homeland security.  Landing strip for Al-Qaeda? @mattkaiser Overheard at Superior Court – Attorney:  When was the last time you used drugs? … Read More

Norm Pattis Is Kicking My Butt in “Words With Friends”

My children have kidded me about using an IPhone without ever having downloaded a single application.  Guilty. But that is no longer true.  They helped me set up the “Words With Friends” application, and I have been losing… Read More

Overheard on Twitter

From @colinsamuels I always prefer my wife’s holiday baking but I never criticize anyone else’s. People who live in gingerbread houses should not throw scones. From @Popehat Rule of thumb: when a client sends you homemade Christmas fudge,… Read More

Santa Sued for Sexual Harassment

H/T to Ken Lammers.

Damn You, AutoCorrect

H/T to @AdrianLurssen and @NikiBlack.

Video on “Public Pretenders”

Here is yet another amusing video, this one on public defenders.  It is almost too true to be funny.  H/T to Jamie Spencer of Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer for the link.

Amusing Video on Plea Bargaining

D.A. Confidential, who turns out be to kind of a wag, has put together the video below parodying plea bargaining negotiations.