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From Bitter Lawyer: Robert “Gunner” Skolnick

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A Graffiti Artist Who Knows His Grammar

                  H/T The Appellate Record

Brilliant Trial Lawyer or Simple Ass?

MR. KOEHLER:  Objection.  Relevance. THE COURT:  Mr. Koehler, you can sit down. MR. KOEHLER:  Your honor, this is absolutely ridiculous. MR. RIORDAN:  No, it’s not. THE WITNESS:  No, it’s not. MR. KOEHLER:  It is completely irrelevant. THE WITNESS:… Read More

On Trial Tactics — Intentional and Otherwise

I am sitting in court waiting for trial to begin.  The charge is assault on a police officer. I have just been given a video recording in another case and I decide to use this time to watch… Read More

The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Love Letter to a D.C. Law Enforcement Officer

I have a beef with a D.C. law enforcement officer.  I would be more specific, but I don’t want to embarrass my investigator.  He has to work with the guy. Dear Mr. Law Enforcement Officer: I understand you… Read More

Jack Lambert and My Investigator

Wayne, my investigator, thinks he is being subtle. He insists on escorting me out of a bad neighborhood whenever we finish a crime scene investigation, and he doesn’t realize I can see him lingering down the street as… Read More

Tourists with Sandy Bottoms

Over at D.A. Confidential, Mark Pryor chuckles over a typo he came across in a police report: Michael stated that he just wanted to leave the house for a bit and get some fresh hair on his bike…. Read More

The Mad Men of Legal Advertising

H/T Bitter Lawyer

Explaining the Rakofsky Defamation Suit on an Application

Filling out an application can be a painful process for anyone who has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. What specifically is being asked? What is an honest response? And how can I put this response… Read More