Women in Combat: Longer Than You’d Think

What We Talk About On Our Way To A Crime Scene

It turns out that Wayne, my investigator, and I both do the laundry in our households. Apparently, neither of us has a wife who understands that you cannot put whites in with the colored clothes, set the dial… Read More

Stuck in Time, Stuck in Fashion

My father used to wear black socks with shorts. As his fashion consultant, I told him he shouldn’t do this. Dad, I said to him. You can’t wear that. It looks awful. My father seemed kind of surprised… Read More

No Way Out


How To Increase Blog Traffic

H/T Kendall Gray  

It Used To Be Called “Full Serve”

Just Discovered: The “I” in “Team” . . .

. . . Coaches and inspirational speakers everywhere are speechless.  H/T Gary Watkins.

The Guy In The Nice Suit

A guy goes to the tailor to pick up a new suit. While trying on the new suit, he notices that one of the pant legs is three inches shorter than the other.  No problem, the tailor tells… Read More

Yeah, But It Looks Better That Way

Barber Shops and Caesar Salads

Apart from the seven years we spent in Philadelphia, I have been going to the same barber for over 30 years.  There are three problems with this.  One, my barber has a heavy Cuban accent so I have… Read More