Because Transcripts Can Be Unforgiving

Jamison Koehler Evidence, Law Practice

When I was a public defender in Philadelphia, my office mate used to come across me reading transcripts from court hearings I had done and kid me. I thought I was being conscientious, working to make myself a better lawyer. He thought I was being vain. Testimony from every preliminary hearing we did was automatically transcribed in advance of the …

Jefferson and Washington monuments

David Baugh on Voir Dire

Jamison Koehler Evidence, Law Practice

David P. Baugh was one of the speakers at a Virginia Trial Lawyers Association CLE I attended yesterday.  Baugh is perhaps best known for defending the free speech of a Ku Klux Klan member in a trial that resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Virginia v. Black, and, surprise, surprise, he turns out to be a dynamic and …

Michael P. Malone’s Other Victims

Jamison Koehler Evidence

I have written a number of entries over the last couple of months about the case of Donald E. Gates, a man who was imprisoned for 27 years for a crime the evidence now shows he did not commit.  Gates was convicted in large part on the basis of false testimony by FBI analyst Michael P. Malone. Donald Gates, as …