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The Xeroxing of Arrest Reports in a DWI/DUI Case

Jamison KoehlerDUI and Driving Offenses

With two DUI trials coming up, I will be focusing myself, as well as this blog, on the science and law related to this issue.  I am also consulting what I have found to be the best resource I have ever found on DWI/DUI defense:  Drunk Driving Defense by Lawrence Taylor and Steven Oberman.  Although I have handled hundreds of …

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“Every DWI Case Is Defensible”

Jamison KoehlerDUI and Driving Offenses

You often hear criminal defense lawyers who are just starting out say that they will initially handle drinking-and-driving offenses, like DWI or DUI, until they get their feet on the ground.  The cases are, they say, straightforward and lucrative. Once they get themselves established, well, then they can move on to more complicated felony cases, like attempted murder, drug distribution, …