On Blog Addiction and Twitter

I get up most mornings at around 5:00 am and, shutting the door so that I don’t disturb my still-sleeping wife, step into my study off the master bedroom.  I have an hour until the gym opens, three… Read More

On Blonde Justice and Blogrolls

Six months or so ago, I would have hardly known what a blogroll is. Today I am very honored to have been added to what must be one of the most coveted blogrolls in the criminal law blogosphere;… Read More

On Meeting Mark Bennett of Defending People

In talking with another lawyer during my training in Houston, the other lawyer was surprised that I could know so much about the author of D.A. Confidential without being aware that he speaks with a British accent. That’s… Read More

On Mark Pryor and Prosecutorial (Mis)Conduct

With many blogs discussing the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Padilla v. Kentucky, Mark Pryor of D.A. Confidential devoted a recent entry to an ethical dilemma he often faces in prosecuting defendants with immigration problems.  Does he treat… Read More

On Mirriam Seddiq and the “Not Guilty No Way” Blog

There are two fairly new criminal law blogs that have recently been given a lot of attention in the blawgosphere: Liberty and Justice for Y’All and Affirmative Links. In both cases the attention is deserved. Each blog is… Read More

Finding The Right Name For A Criminal Law Blog

Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice wrote a complimentary piece about this blog earlier this week. While I was very flattered to be described as “one of the newest and brightest additions to the blawgosphere,” Greenfield continued to encourage… Read More

A Public Defender with a Sense of Humor

A couple of weeks ago, I complained about the lack of criminal law blogs done by women.  I also bemoaned the fact that, with a few exceptions, there do not seem to be many public defender blogs that… Read More

On Legal Marketing and Blogging: A Newbie Offers His Perspective

When I moved down from Philadephia to D.C. and opened my own criminal defense law practice, I decided to find out what some of the criminal defense lawyers I respected in Philadelphia did with respect to marketing.  So… Read More

On Ghostblogging, West Berlin, and the Internet

As a college student in the 1970s, I visited East Berlin with some friends.  One night, after returning back into West Berlin through Checkpoint Charlie, we were at a pizza parlor when we witnessed a fist-fight outside a… Read More