On Criminal Defense and Listservs

As a former English professor, Jeff Gamso is no stranger to allegory, metaphors and other literary devices. In a nostalgic and almost wistful entry on baseball over at Gamso For The Defense, Gamso writes about a lawyer posting… Read More

The “Me Quotient” in Criminal Law Blogging

Over at the ABA listserv Solosez, Mirriam Seddiq says that, however much she may write about legal and other issues, her blog entries are really and always just about her. I have always appreciated Seddiq’s candor. As a… Read More

Blawg Review #296: Images From The Criminal Law Blawgosphere

A professional photographer and artist once told me the story about trying to photograph his mother. He had hoped for a candid shot, and was initially resistant when she insisted on fixing her hair and putting on makeup… Read More

Google Bundle for Criminal Defense Blogs

For almost a year now, I have relied on Mark Bennett’s Google Bundle Blog to read recent entries from most of my favorite criminal law blogs. Bennett was even kind enough to add, at my request, one or… Read More

On British Accents and Trial Strategies

A blog reader from Austin, Texas called yesterday with a question about Virginia law, and we chatted about some of our favorite bloggers. Like me, the reader is a big fan of D.A. Confidential and has in fact… Read More

The 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100

Every year for the past four years, the ABA Journal has published its list of the top 100 legal blogs as chosen by its editors.  The Journal notes that it gives preference to blawgs that are regularly updated… Read More

“This Blog Is Hideous”

Spammers try all sorts of clever things to get you to post their comments with a link back to whatever site they are hoping to promote. My favorite used to be Vimax who, as I described in an… Read More

On The Man I Love To Hate And Twitter

I admit it:  I am a closet reader of Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice. A couple of months or so ago, I interpreted a couple of things Greenfield posted both here and on his own blog as unfairly critical… Read More

On-Line Reputations and Bloggers Who Spam

Bloggers get all sorts of spam. Sometimes spammers use a compliment to get you to approve their comment:  “Terrific work!” someone tried to post on my site yesterday.  “This is the type of information that should be shared… Read More

On the Traffic And Quality of a Website

Talking about website traffic numbers is almost like talking about how much money you make. People can volunteer the information if they wish, but you normally don’t ask during the course of polite conversation. If your numbers are… Read More