On Blogrolls and Egotism

Over at People v. State, John Kindley announces that, as part of his “intermittent quest for minimalism,” he has eliminated the blogroll and links page on his blog.  In its stead, he has inserted a drop-down menu in… Read More

D.A. Confidential on 48 Hours

Rookies Dominate Fantasy Football League

Congratulations to David Benowitz of D.C. Criminal Defense who moved into first place after week 5 of the criminal law blogger fantasy football league.  In addition to vying for the top prize, Benowitz is competing with Nathan Burney… Read More

Criminal Law Fantasy Football: A Public Defender Takes First Place

Congratulations to Gideon of A Public Defender.  He defeated Not Guilty 152-146 in week two of the Criminal Law Fantasy Football League and moved into first place.  He is followed by Liberty & Justice for Y’all and Brucklaw,… Read More

Who Is “Atticus Finch”? And Why Should We Care?

The “unreliable narrator” has always been one of my favorite literary devices.   The narrator tells you one thing.  Skillful writing lets you know that there is really something else going on. In the novel Jernigan by David Gates,… Read More

Jeff Gamso on the Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

I have written before about the apparently never-ending discussion on the ABA listserv Solosez about the proper role for a criminal defense attorney.  In responding to the latest thread, Jeff Gamso put it about as well as I… Read More

Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the Attorney-Client Relationship

Over at My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant muses about finding herself on the other end of the attorney-client relationship; in this case, as one of over 80 defendants in what started out as Rakofsky v. The Washington Post, what… Read More

Resuscitating the Joseph Rakofsky Fiasco

Last month, in what has to be one of Daniel Snyder’s stupidest moves ever, the Washington Redskins’ owner filed suit against the City Paper for an article that was critical of Snyder and his stewardship of the team. … Read More

Telling Your Wife You Have Been Sued For Defamation

My wife heard a lot of terrible and heart-wrenching stories while interviewing Iraqi victims of the Abu Ghraib torture. She was always completely spent whenever she got back from one of her trips to the Middle East, and… Read More

Popularity Contests in the Legal Blogosphere

Over the past year or so, I have been tracking the ranking of this blog on Justia.com.  Although Justia will not reveal what factors it takes into consideration in developing the rankings, I have always assumed it combined… Read More